The Maltese Islands consist of Malta, Gozo and Comino and are situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea some 93 km from Sicily and 290 km from North Africa. Malta, the largest of the islands has an area of 246 sq. ml.), Gozo 67 (26 sq. ml.), and Comino of 3 sq. ml.)  Malta has no mountains or rivers though a series of low hills with terraced fields on the slopes characterize the Island.The coastline of Malta is well indented, thus providing numerous harbours, bays, creeks, sandy beaches and rocky coves. The length of the shoreline round Malta is 136 km, and 43 km round Gozo.

The climate is generally warm and sunny with short mild winters and dry hot summers.The temperature averages 14 C (57 F) in winter(November-March) and 30C (90F) in summer May- October.The average rain falls 558.2(22ins) Rain rarely,if ever fall during the summer months. The sun shines for an average of 6.5 hours daily in winter and 11 hours in summer. The average sea temperature in summer is 26C. The hottest period is from mid July through to mid September. Malta is on Central European Time CET), one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time )

The tourist sector is one of the most important sectors of the Maltese economy. Malta’s natural beauty, peaceful and safe way of life, high standard of living, mild climate and warm hospitality have turned Malta into

The national airline, Airmalta, operates regular flights to and from all major airports in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf States. Other international carriers including low cost carriers operate regular scheduled flights to and from Malta.Proximity to Other Countries (Flying Times) Malta – London 3.05 hrs Malta – Amsterdam 3.05 hrs Malta – Frankfurt 2.35 hrs Malta – Paris 2.35 hrs Malta – Rome 1.15hrs Malta – Cairo 2.25hrs

There is a regular ferry service, which carries passengers and cars between Malta & Gozo, the ferry crossing takes about 30 mins.


Malta enjoys a well-earned reputation for its health standards. Medical facilities include two general hospitals (one in Gozo), private hospitals, regional health centers and a number of small private clinics all of which are highly equipped. EU citizens, resident in Malta, are entitled to Free Public Health care services in accordance with entitlements, as determined from time to time by the Ministry of Health. Applicant must be in possession of the appropriate E form signifying their entitlement to health care under the Social Security registration in their country of origin. This official certification together with personal identification document will be sufficient to receive healthcare in public health services.

Typical of the Mediterranean lifestyle, the Islanders approach to life is to enjoy and celebrate it as much as possible. Nightlife on the Islands is always bustling, there are always scores of clubs to visit, wine bars and first-rate restaurants to try. The Islands have an effervescent calendar of cultural events to see, such as the village festa, Summer Malta Arts Festival, the Valletta Baroque Festival, the Opera Festival, the Choir Festival and the International Jazz Festival held in July.

The main nightlife clubbing scene is in Paceville, on the coast near St. Julians, where the clubs and bars are in abundance.

Malta has several casinos. Choose from an elegant colonial-style villa, an ultra modern hotel complex, or a restored 17th century, harbour-side palace. All provide great entertainment whether you’re new to the tables or have tried your luck.


Malta has free state schools and optional private education. Both state and private schools have a closely aligned curriculum to the British system with students sitting for O and A level examinations to qualify for entrance into the Malta University and Universities overseas.

Language:  Maltese and English are the official languages.

Sports and entertainment
Due to the islands favourable climate,many outdoor sports are practiced across the islands especially sailing,scuba diving,golf football and tennis.

The Marsa Sports Club, the principle sports club on the island offering an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, football, rugby, cricket, horse racing track, polo grounds ,athletic track, a fitness center with gym and sauna and, in season, a swimming pool. Scuba diving, yachting and sailing in our crystal clear waters together with paragliding, windsurfing, water skiing are all enjoyed by locals and tourists. Sailing regattas are held regularly between April and November, including the Comino Regatta in June, the Malta-Sycracuse race for keelboats in July, the Rimini-Malta-Rimini Yacht race in August and the Middle Sea Race in October. Good facilities for boat rentals and yacht charters exist throughout the Islands.

Facts about Malta
Capital: Valletta

Population: 425,000

Area: 316 (122 sq.mts)

Religion: Christianity

Currency: Euro