Perhaps it is your first home investment, or moving home and planning for the future, or looking to change your home loan facility with the aim of reducing your interest and capital repayments, or planning to refurbish or extend your current residence, or planning to purchase a second residence (such as a summer residence).

Whatever the purpose may be, our flexible APS Home Loan or APluS Account facilities offer you a great deal:

  • Through our flexible products you may customise the terms of the loan to address your needs;
  • You will not incur Bank’s processing and legal fees if you are applying for a Home Loan or having your current home loan re-financed by the Bank;
  • You will be automatically provided with an APS Premier Card when applying and having a Home Loan sanctioned in your name;
  • You will automatically be eligible to an APS Visa Debit Card (free of the initial charge) when your application is approved and the facility availed of.

The benefits are multiple:

  • Personalised service;
  • No Bank legal and processing fees (referred to above);
  • Repayment flexibility;
  • A great low interest rate;
  • No penalties on early repayments;
  • No hidden charges;
  • Lowest commissions and charges on other bank transactions.

You can save up to a maximum of €1,200 on Bank fees when availing yourself of the APS Bank’s Home Loan or APluS Account facilities, depending on the amount of your required home-linked facility.

Our Home Facilities are flexible enough to accommodate future changes in your lifestyle. You may decide to upgrade your home, take a year out, have a baby or tie the knot, so we’ve made it easy to adapt your mortgage to suit your changing circumstances.